What does it mean when a match profile is unavailable?

Looking for that special someone? is the perfect modern dating website to meet your desired companion. Everyone longs for love, romance and stability in their lives. is a platform that allows you to connect with like-minded people and helps you establish a fulfilling relationship with them. If you’re facing trouble setting up your account, contact customer support right away!

Using Match can get complex at times. This is majorly because of the tricks it is designed from.

Match users need to educate themselves fully about the platform, in order to enjoy a hassle-free dating experience. Match has three kind of profile visibility option-

  1. Visible (Anyone can see you)
  2. Private Mode (You chose who sees you)
  3. Hidden (No one can see you) is designed in such a way that it helps you find your ideal partner. But sometimes, users face hindrances while using it. If you are a user, you may have witnessed a Match Profile Unavailable situation. This situation doesn’t allow a profile you are interested in to appear. Some of the most common questions that pop up during such a situation are-

Am I blocked?

No, you are not!! If someone is disinterested in you or you are not their choice, they can remove your profile from their search list. On the other hand, they cannot make their Match Profile Unavailable. Their profile will always be visible to you, no matter what.

Can I e-mail them?

No, you cannot e-mail them. If they have arranged their profile settings in a way that blocks your contact, then you will fail to connect with them via mail.

Have they removed me?

Nobody can remove your account from the platform. Sudden account removals only take place due to security reasons. If the site detects some kind of security violations, it holds the power to remove your account.

Is it a fake account?

There are well-established factors that define a fake account. Whether or not the account you are trying to view is fake can only be determined by analyzing a few pointers. Reach out to Match com customer support on to find out!

Is it a technical glitch?

It is possible that this is a fleeting error or perhaps some kind of data loss situation has arisen. Sometimes the causes are unknown and Match profile is unavailable. To resolve this issue, get in touch with our team of expert solution providers. Call Match com customer support on +1-833-409-0107

Apart from the above mentioned questions, there can be various different reasons behind this error. To mention a few- a defect in a piece of software or issues shaped by computer bugs and viruses. In order to have a smooth dating experience, it is important to identify the root of the problem. Dial (Ph. No) and get in touch with Match com customer support.

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