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Get In Touch With 4 Million Queer Women!


WeareHer was founded in the year 2013 but it was titled Dattch initially. Later it was re-branded to HER after two years in 2015. It is the most popular dating app for lesbian people and garnered positive recognition as soon as it was released. It connects queer women and helps them find love and meaningful relationship in their lives. The open and progressive approach used by HER is not just revolutionary but it is also a provider of safe and secured space for queer women. The long-term goal of this platform is to create a community where women can raise significant and necessary conversations around the stereotypes and baseless judgments surrounding the queer community.

It presently boasts over a million members in the U.S.A and is growing at an unprecedented rate. To join the community, you need to create an account and to create the account, you can contact Weareher Customer Support. The experts at the unit will guide you step by step on how you can create the account in just a few simple steps. So, pick your phone and dial the toll-free Weareher Helpline Number right away!

Join The Community & Find Your Perfect Match


He gives you space where you can connect with like-minded people if you are from the queer community. As the name suggests, this platform is for queer women who are looking to find love and romance in their lives. With a sense of profound unity, this platform allows you to be in an inclusive environment where your sexuality is respected as well as celebrated. You can stay informed about events in your area through which you can establish empowered connections. It gives you significant exposure to people and allows you a window of opportunity to open up your mind to new ideas. You get to meet motivated people who have the ability to leave a lasting impression on you.

You can meet people in your proximity who share similar interests and quirks like you. This makes it a lot easier to connect with people on a personal level and experience a high level of compatibility with them. You can participate in conversations that touch your soul and heal your insecurities as you get in touch with highly-educated and empathetic women. Not only is the approach progressive and revolutionary, but it also sets a whole different paradigm for people who are otherwise oppressed in society. No more bashed hopes, you too can find love in the most enlightening way!

How To Sign-up With HER? WeareHer Customer Support +1(833)409-0107


Signing up with the platform is super easy. Refer to the below-mentioned steps to know how to sign up for a personal account.

• Use your Facebook or Instagram account to directly create an account. This will hardly take a minute of your precious time.

• When you set up your account using your Facebook or Instagram account, the platform will automatically extract your photos, name, birthday and other details needed to set your account. You can edit your photos later.

• You do not have to undergo any account verification process to set up your account.

Get Your Hands On Exclusive features!


Get on a journey with her and find the one for you. And while you do that, here is a sneak peek of what all you can enjoy on your journey.

  • Free unlimited messages.
  • Looking at photos on all the profiles.
  • Active social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.
  • Matching with potential profiles based on location and age preference.
  • Messaging with your friends.

Enjoy swiping left or right match function

  • Enjoy upgrades to see who ‘liked’ you.
  • Sending free friend requests

Here are some of the exclusive features HER created for its user to enjoy an enhanced dating experience. Check out the special features curated specially for you!


1. Meet
This is the most important feature of the whole app. Here you are offered many profiles who meet your age and location preference. You can swipe to either like or reject them. Once you commonly like each other, you can send messages to each other.

2. Feed

The feed feature allows you to interact with people in real-time. To utilize this feature, you do not need to match with the profile or be friends with her. You can also like or comment on their posts and add your image or text post. This feature helps you interact with more people by increasing your visibility.

3. Events

Discover queer events in your area like music fests, cookery shows, concerts, stand-up comedy shows, etc. These events help you socialize better and meet new people around you.

Stuck With An Error? Contact Weareher Customer care


If you are facing some sort of error and require expert help and support, you must reach out to Weareher Customer Support. The team includes professionals with years of hands-on expertise in the business. They are known for giving positive experiences to users and can spontaneously resolve all your queries by providing you with relevant responses. They concentrate on treating the users courteously and building powerful relationships with them. So, don’t sit around wasting your time, simply reach out to them for quick and instant solutions to problems. They undergo months of training before dealing first-hand with the users. Hence, they are fully equipped with analytical solutions that are effective and useful.

So, call today using the Weareher Helpline Number and talk to a representative. Address your problem by explaining the issue and after a quick analysis of your problem, the representative will guide you on how you need to solve the problem. The whole process will hardly take a few minutes and you will be able to use the platform hassle-freely!

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